Consider the following scenarios:

  • - A Company has entered into unrelated business activities and looking to setup a control structure in the unrelated business activity;
  • - Owner of existing Company wants to scale up its operations and is looking to streamline its current operating environment including its current process control structure.
  • - A newly setup Company is interested in setting up new control structure.

The common thread in all the above mentioned scenarios is the need for setting up/improving the process controls for efficient and effective operations of the business. The other main objective would also be to prevent either manipulation of accounts or misappropriation of assets of the Company.

Thus the concept of one time consultancy. The term ‘One Time Consultancy’ signifies a specific assignment on behalf of a client by performing a ‘walk thru’ of its entire operation from technical to financial. Universally accepted random sampling techniques are followed to study and evaluate the efficiency of operation, adherence or otherwise to existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The in depth exercise identifies poor or non- existing controls and informs the Management on the failure of the system and the resultant adverse impact on the business. It also offers suitable remedies through recommendations to solve the problems.

SANGANI AND COMPANY could assist the Companies in all the above scenarios by performing a onetime review of the Company control structure across all the processes of the Company and recommend best practice controls.

The advantage of one time consultancy is that the Company would obtain the recommendations immediately which would them give them an opportunity to implement them prior to scaling up/setting up of the operations.

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