Debt Advisory

Debt Financing and Project Report Preparation

Businesses are divided into two broad categories -

Existing businesses : Existing businesses: Dynamic enterpreneurs seek continuous growth of their businesses. Till a certain point the business remain self financed. To reach next level of growth, additional financing is required. The enterpreneurs also seek additional financing for starting a new business venture.
New businesses: New enterpreneurs with a vision and backed by certain funding from own sources seek additional funds to start a new business.
In both the above scenarious the funds required could be either trade related or for a short term or a long term funding. Trade related finance includes letters of credit, letters of guarantee, trust receipts, overdrafts etc. Term funding could be for capital expenditure purposes.

Sangani and Company has experts who are highly experienced and can properly guide the client in raising of the debt finance from the banks. It understands the existing business model of the client/vision of the client, client activities-current and future and accordingly guides in the most appropriate funding model required by the client. It specifically assists the client in the following:

  • - Preparing a detailed project report for the new business venture.
  • - Assisting the client in meeting the banks who would be providing the funding and guiding/advising the client throughout the pre-funding process with regards the documents to be maintained, information to be furnished etc.

Specific Advisory Services Provided For Following Bank Facilities

Trade and Working Capital:

  • Letters of Credit ( LC )
  • Trust Receipts ( TR )
  • LC Discounting
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Cheque Discounting
  • Factoring
  • Gurantees & Bonds
  • Overdraft
  • Export / Foreign Bill Discounting

Term Loans:

  • Project Financing: Short Term / Long Term
  • Factory, Outlet or Branch Expansion
  • Purchase of Heavy Equipments for Renting/Leasing
  • Loan against lease rentals
  • Loan against thirdy party properties
  • Business Loans
  • Commercial Fleet ( Vehicle ) Financing

Debt Restructuring

In challenging times, clients may face hardships of servicing their external debt commitments. This puts strains on the clients liquidity thereby impacting client operations and eventually the party who has funded the client debt.

Sangani and Company with its highly experienced team specifically assists the client in the following:

  • - Advising the client in the various possibilities of restructuring of existing debt.

Specific Advisory Services Relating To Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring

  • Reduction in cost of funding
  • Extension in repayment period
  • Conversion of working capital facilities into term loans
  • One Time Settlements
  • Debt Consolidation

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