Many a time, a company sees its scope getting limited and its market share reduced due to competition from smaller or bigger entities. The company then takes a call on either to acquire the smaller competitors by acquiring them or merge with the bigger entities, depending on its own strength.

In either scenario, the company requires experts to guide it to ensure optimum results.

The expert normally arranges meetings between both the parties and facilitates a smooth takeover or merger. The expert has to have the professional experience and expertise to do this and also has to be knowledgeable about the market conditions and other related aspects.

Once the ‘meeting of minds’ takes place, the deal is firmed up and finalized.

Sangani & Company has a separate M&A Division that handles all requests from parties to study and advice on their proposed activities and facilitates direct or tripartite discussions to conclude the agreements. The exercise is normally time consuming and detailed and involves many meetings and sessions spread over a period of time, sometimes, months.

The Firm is one of the oldest in UAE region and over the years it has established its presence by rendering services to companies in numerous sectors. Thus leveraging its vast network it can assist Acquiring Companies in identifying potential buyers/sellers of various businesses (related and unrelated to acquiring company activities).

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